Nazif Lopulissa
'At Least You Can Smile'

Nazif Lopulissa

Nazif Lopulissa rethinks the shapes and forms of the children’s playground. The Dutch artist’s childhood helped to inspire his latest projects reinventing the playground. His work looks into moving it away from a regimented space into one that triggers playful imagination.

Lopulissa’s colorful, poetic and optimistic work “At least you can smile”, results from his personal experience during the COVID19 lockdown. An artist has always experienced space for rest and reflection in his studio. For him, staying at home and working from home soon felt like normal. Now that the world around him has almost come to a standstill, he realizes all the more that mankind is not built for the speed of our existence. Busy jobs dictate our daily rhythm, we are absorbed by our activities, so that we lose sight of the essence of life.

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