Katrein Breukers
'Tooth Mark'

Katrein Breukers

Katrein Breukers creates images and installations that arise in close relation to her own life. Originating from an artist and musician family, elements such as the stage, costumes, set pieces and music return in her installations. Often the installations also refer to everyday actions and objects. Characteristic in this is the way in which Breukers creates new meanings by combining these objects.

She believes you will look differently at the environment ,when an artwork is placed digitally, since imagination starts playing an important role. The title: Tooth Mark, a dental impression, is also about this absent presence of the impression of teeth in your skin. By placing an image online, you break through all physical limits and limitations. You do not have to take the money and time into account that goes into making a large sculpture. And you can play with scale. For me it meant a playful handling of material around me, suddenly salty sticks from my kitchen cupboard are massive solid building elements.


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